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Formulated according to your skin type

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From £19.70 for 30g (3-4 uses). Refills are offered on this product.

Skin Bistro's masks are clay-based. They all come in powder form and you will have to mix it with a 'liquid part' to use it.

Powedered ingredients will depend on your skin type.

Instructions for use:

Using a teaspoon, mix the ingredients as follows to get a smooth paste consistency:

Facial Mask - 1 teaspoon

Liquid part* - 2 teaspoons

Add a 3-5 drops of your bespoke facial oil to give your skin a moisturising and rejuvenating boost.

1. Apply to clean face.  You can use the back of the teaspoon used to mix the ingredients to smooth the mask paste on your face, it works really well for this purpose!

2. Leave it for 10-15 minutes (oily or combination skin), until it’s dry.  If you have dry or sensitive skin, leave it for a shorter time (5-10 minutes), just so that the mask doesn’t set on your face.

3. To rinse it off, wet a face cloth with tepid water, wring it out lightly and stretch it and put it on your face, pressing gently against skin.  Leave it for 1 minute to then wipe mask off.  Rinse the cloth and repeat until mask is completely removed. To finish off, splash your face with cold water.

* Options for 'liquid part' vary according to skin type and will be recommended specially for you. Instructions will be provided with your product.

Examples of 'liquid part' include water, tea, cream, yoghurt, ect.

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