Victoria regia, the largest water lilly in the world, is a native of the Amazon named in the honour of Queen Victoria. 

Once the subject of rivalry between English Victorian gardeners, it was the Duke of Devonshire who presented the Queen with one of the first cultivated flowers.

In 1858, the Victoria Regia House was built at Kew Gardens to display this splendid lilly which was also the inspiration for the design of Crystal Palace. 


Bespoke skincare

Because we believe every human being is unique, Victoria Regia Bespoke Cosmetics brings two ancient arts together to provide the best in cosmetic care. We’ve integrated the knowledge of herbal medicine with that of pharmaceutical compounding to create individual preparations for each of our clients.

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Quality in skincare

Our vision is to become internationally distinguished for individual cosmetic care excellence. 

Our mission is to nurture your skin for life, adjusting your individual formulations to maintain your skin always healthy.

Integrity, accomplishment and perfection are the trinity of values that best describe our practice.